About Us

At Table 8, the quality of cuisine is not our only concern. Service, atmosphere and desire to ensure a memorable experience is our goal. Serving both British and classic European cuisine in a friendly environment, Table 8 is family run, where the consideration we show our team is reflected in the service we give our customers.

Our team, headed by our executive chef, with more than 35 years experience gained in some of the most respected establishments in the Midlands, Kevin brings his own unique style to both classic British and European dishes. Accompanied by an imaginative array of wines from around the world, we feel our menu is both inspiring and welcome.

Happy to serve, our front of house team have a passion for the food they handle and a pleasing respectful manner. At Table 8 we acknowledge the fact we are a family and it is our hope that our customers come to see Table 8 as a place where friends come together to enjoy each others company, and perhaps make some new ones.